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Interior and exterior painting - residential/commercial

Interior House Painting Services Include:

•Helping each homeowner in choosing their house paint colors and sheen for each rooms intended purpose 

•Cleaning of dirty surfaces before painting begins 

•Sanding, caulking, priming and nail hole repair 

•Small drywall and texture repair 

•Light carpentry repair and staining if needed 

•Removal of fixtures outlet and switch plates assorted hardware, etc.  

•Furniture protected with new plastic 

•Large furniture items moved to the center of each room 

•Covering of all floor surfaces, cabinets, windows, etc. 

•Daily clean-up

Interior paint project

Interior paint project

About Us

Preparation & Quality


Thorough surface preparation, correct and experienced paint application, and top quality products like Sherwin Williams, PPG and others, help to insure a long lasting job. By consistently applying these three components we continue to improve our professional painting services to all of our customers interior and exterior house painting or tenant improvement painting needs.

Residential House Painting Process


Paint will be applied to walls, ceilings and/or millwork. Brush, roll or spray application will be used depending upon the most effective method chosen by our Lead Painter. As the job continues we will communicate with each homeowner on a daily basis ~ No one is out of the loop!  Once the painting has been completed we will do a complete walk-thru with all employees and then schedule a final walk-thru with the homeowner. We want to be certain that you are pleased with our professional painting results.

Competitive Painting Prices


Our prices are always competitive~ We do this by organizing each job for maximum efficiency. Every employee has been personally trained to perform his job in the correct order and to apply the best painting technique for each individual painting need. By applying this painting method along with the best tools and products for each job, we save time, and that saves YOU money!

Exterior House Painting

Additional Information

•Helping each homeowner in choosing the best paint color and paint product for the exterior of your home. 

•Pressure washing and cleaning off dirt, mildew, grime from exterior surfaces 

•Sanding, caulking, priming, filling of holes and stucco cracks to make them appear less noticeable 

•Resetting popped nails and securing loose boards as needed 

•Application of Rust Inhibitive primer on nail heads as needed 

•Caulking around all doors and windows with elastomeric caulking to seal all openings as needed 

•Masking of all windows, doors, fixtures and hardware 

•Drop cloths and plastic sheeting used for the protection of your roof, plants and concrete 

•Daily clean-up and Communication as work progresses